I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to blogs. 

Worse, I can’t help it. 

I love the immediacy of a blog post. I treasure the variety of topics, the wealth of information, and more importantly, the insight into said blogger’s opinion and viewpoint of the world we share.

The following are just a few of the interesting, thought-provoking blogs I stumbled upon this past week:

(1) Whether you’re a wannabe writer or a published author, you’ll find food for thought in “C.J. West’s E-Book Gamble” at Marilyn’s Musings. Mr. West said, “I decided that the key to selling more books was to get more readers to read my books. Sounds like a catch-22….”

(2) Robin Sullivan’s recent post at Write to Publish discusses the pros and cons of going with a traditional publisher or starting with an indie.

(3) Most writers battle daily with their inner editor. Not Janalyn Voigt. I'm at peace with my inner editor and don't feel the need to turn her off while writing.” Her January post at Author Haven is always timely. Don't miss it.

(4) One of my favorite suspense authors is Allison Brennan. Featured at Mysterious Writers, she reveals how she balances writing three books a year with being a mother of five. I found her tips to writers especially helpful. She said, “Write. Revise. Learn to self-edit. Learn to discern good advice out of all the crappy advice you get.” 

(5) Margot Kinberg discusses the appeal of a cast of regular characters in a mystery series. But is it possible to have too much of a good thing? 

(6) Finally, if you’re thinking of starting a blog, or just a newbie, jog over to Kristen Lamb’s site. It is full of advice about social media that I wish I’d been privy to before, but hey, better late than never!

Do you have a favorite blog? Leave a comment and the link so I can check it out. (I’m pretty sure I can find a few more minutes in each day to address my new addiction!) 


Janalyn Voigt, author of novel books said...

Thanks for mentioning my Author Haven posts, Anne.

Anne K. Albert said...

You're SO welcome. Love your site! :-)