What Does That Tell You?

Welcome to another Suspenseful Seven Sentence Sunday.
This except from FRANK, INCENSE AND MURIEL takes place just after Muriel agrees to help Frankie Salerno in the investigation to find a missing woman. They're searching her condo for clues.

Frankie pointed to the crumpled satin sheets on the unmade bed. “What does that tell you?”

I noticed the indentation marks made by two people on the mattress and pillows, and did not bother to censor my reply. It just tumbled out of my mouth. “That Rachel is still Rachel?”

A soft rumble of laughter filled the room. “Sure looks that way.”

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Happy Sunday reading!

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Lindsay said...

Love the last line Anne

Anne K. Albert said...

Thanks, as always. Hope you had a lovely Easter, Lindsay! :)

Janette Harjo said...

Amusing read, Anne!


Pam Torres said...

Great excerpt! Now I want to read more. That was the point, huh. :)

Anne K. Albert said...

Thanks for dropping by again, Janette! Great to see you're back in the blogosphere!

Anne K. Albert said...

Hi Pam, well, yeah! ;-)