You're Not People, You're Brian

This except from FRANK, INCENSE AND MURIEL takes place just after Muriel agrees to help Frankie Salerno in the investigation to find a missing woman. They're searching her condo for clues.

“Find anything?”

I jumped at the sound of Frankie’s voice. “Do you always have to sneak up on people?”

“You’re not people, you’re Brian.” He closed the distance between us and peered into the closet, “Interesting.”

I inhaled his masculine scent. “Yeah, very.”

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Lindsay said...

I must have missed something or I should say, someone. Who's Brian?

Anne K. Albert said...

Being dyslexic, the teenaged Frankie wrote a note to Muriel, intending to call her "the brain"...hence, 'Brian'. Kids being kids, they called her Brian, and the nickname stuck.

Lindsay said...

Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Anne K. Albert said...

:) Thanks for making me clarify!