Bogey Nights by Marja McGraw

It’s week 6 of the 2011 Mystery We Write Blog Tour and I’m thrilled to feature Bogey Nights by Marja McGraw.

Marja was born and raised in Southern California, but now lives in a small Arizona community. She’s the author of the Sandi Webster Mysteries and the Bogey Man Mysteries. Earlier this week I interviewed Marja on my Anne K. Albert blog. Please drop by, but first enjoy this excerpt from Bogey Nights.

* * *

            “So you and your husband want to convert this house into a restaurant?” Max asked.

            “That’s the general idea,” I replied.  “It seems like we’d have an awful lot of work to do to make that happen though.”

            I waited impatiently while Chris was gone, worried about Sherlock and Watson.  I felt really antsy when I heard Watson begin to whine.

            “What’s going on down there?” I called, wishing they could answer me.  It was too dark to climb down the stairs.

            Chris returned with the flashlight and turned it on, carefully climbing down the stairs.  I followed closely behind him.  “What’s wrong with the dog?” he asked.

            “I have no idea, but let’s get them out of here.”

            Chris turned the light on the dogs and Watson was scratching at a patch of cement in the corner of the cellar.  There was a large old barrel sitting on top of it.  I wondered if something might have leaked out of the bottom.  I noticed another patch on the other side of the cellar.  It appeared that at some point in time someone had thought about finishing off the cellar.

            “Watson, leave it,” Chris ordered.  Leave it was a command we’d learned when training them, along with take it.  It was a good lesson in patience for them.

            Not only did Watson ignore Chris, but Sherlock began whining, too, and the scratching continued.

            “Out,” Chris ordered.  “Right now!”  He was using his authoritative voice, but the dogs weren’t listening.  He grabbed Sherlock’s collar and pulled.  He repeated his command and the dog reluctantly obeyed, heading for the stairs.  Watson was more stubborn, but finally obeyed and followed Sherlock.

            I felt like all the time and energy we’d spent training them had been a waste, but they truly usually obeyed us.

            “I wonder what that was all about,” I said.

            “Probably a dead body buried down here,” Chris said.

            “Not funny, Bogey Man.”

            He smiled at my use of his nickname.  “I was joking.  Those dogs are always getting into things.  If we buy this place I’ll get rid of the barrel and that should solve the problem.”

            “I hope you’re right,” I said.

* * *
Thanks so much, Marja. Bogey Nights is definitely on my TBR list!

To read the entire interview with Marja McGraw on my Anne K. Albert blog in celebration of the 2011 Mystery We Write Blog Tour, please click HERE.

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