Jackie King's The Inconvenient Corpse

I'd like to extend a warm welcome today to mystery author Jackie King. Jackie is one of thirteen writers participating in the 2011 Mystery We Write Blog Tour. It's been a joy and pleasure to rub shoulders with her! Drop by my Anne K. Albert blog for a fun interview I did with Jackie yesterday.

Anne - Hi, Jackie. Tell us about The Inconvenient Corpse.

Jackie - If Grace Cassidy had known she was going to find a naked corpse in her hotel bed, lose every penny she had in the world, and encounter zany characters straight from the Mad Hatter’s tea party, she might have kept her usual poise when she spotted husband Charlie’s mistress at their business convention in San Francisco. She definitely wouldn’t have left in a temper to drive up the northern California coast. And most important, she wouldn’t have stopped at the obscure Bed and Breakfast called Wimberly Place.

 Anne - Oh, that's an attention grabber for sure! How about a sneak peak? 

Jackie - Here's the opening paragraph from The InconvenientCorpse:

“Grace Cassidy stared at the stranger’s body. He was about sixty, pot-bellied, naked, and very dead. She knew he was dead because his skin was the color of concrete. Worst of all, he was lying smack dab in the middle of her bed.”

The story in a nutshell is:

…No credit cards, no cash, no resources, no job skills. Fleeced and abandoned by her husband, Grace Cassidy learns she is the prime suspect in a bizarre murder.

Anne - What is being said about The InconvenientCorpse?

Jackie - Marcia Prestion, winner of the 2004 Mary Higgins Clark Award said, “A naked corpse in her bed is only the first surprise for our heroine in Jackie King’s charming bed-and-breakfast mystery. Cozy readers will be happy guests among these lively characters.”

Bob Avey, author of Beneath a Buried House and Twisted Perception, said, “If you like bed and breakfast settings, friendly cats, delightful, quirky characters and a little tea thrown in with your murder, you’ll love “The Inconvenient Corpse.”

Anne - Sounds like just my kind of story. Where can we purchase a copy?

Jackie - A Deadly Niche Press Trade Paperback it's available at Amazon ($15.95). The Kindle version is $2.99. Free sample chapters are available, including 12 five-star ratings on Amazon.

Anne - I wish you much success, Jackie, and with The Inconvenient Corpse that seems like a given!

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Jean Henry Mead said...

Wow, Jackie. Inconvenient Corpse is one intriguing book I've got to read. Is it a standalone or first of a series?

4RV Publishing said...

Jackie, you have such enticing titles.


Beth Anderson said...

Jackie, I love the cover and now that I've read a description to your book, I'm salivating to read it. Great job, both you and Anne! Very fun interview.

Sharon Ervin said...

The cover of this book never fails to tickle me. It's perfect. Besides that, I love the book, cover to cover.