I Write to Find Out What Happens NEXT

The 3rd Mystery We Write Blog Tour began yesterday, with all of the action taking place on my primary blog Anne K. Albert. I'm thrilled for a number of reasons. The usual suspects are extremely talented mystery authors and I'm thrilled to rub elbows with them as well as learn from their expertise.

Beginning a blog tour, however, at least for this author is wrought with uncertainty. Is anyone following the tour? Will my guest posts be read? Does anyone care what I think or say?

Apparently they do.

Imagine my surprise when I stopped by to read Diane Weidenbenner's IN MY OWN WORDS blog and stumbled across my name...and a quote attributed to me! Better yet, it was from yesterday's Mystery We Write Blog Tour post at Marilyn Meredith's blog Marilyn's Musings.

Trust me. This is a new and wonderful experience. One that makes me smile, yet strikes fear at the same time. Not only is someone listening to what I have to say, but my words actually struck a chord. :)

Now, it's your turn. Run, don't walk to IN MY OWN WORDS. Enjoy Diane's post. Oh, and be a dear. Leave a comment! Writers love to hear from readers. :)

Happy reading!

* * *

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